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Magnetic Growth is the new way to grow you Instagram Account. Let us take care of your organic growth! Magnetic Growth will help you get real likes and followers that genuinely show interest in your account.


We can target followers of famous accounts, locations, hashtags and even competitors! Get real results with real people. You don’t need to do a thing.


With Magnetic Growth, you will generate a following of organic people. No ghost or fake accounts are involved.


Our service works 100% safely. We never abuse service limitations. We will never give your information to third parties.


We deliver outstanding results. By utilizing our services, accounts can receive up to 500 genuine targeted followers weekly.*

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How has Magnetic Growth worked for you or your business? 
  • I’m so happy I learned about this software

    I have a passion for the earth and for all things living. This platform has helped me to spread my ideas, my recipes and my humanitarian beliefs with other like-minded individuals. I’m so happy I learned about this software and even happier I took a chance on it!


  • Best of The Best

    We love engaging and connecting with our customers but because we deal with so many new people every day, we always want to make sure that we never miss the opportunity to connect with one of our customers! Magnetic Growth has helped us do just that.


  • A Gamechanger

    Magnetic Growth has been a gamechanger for me! I have finally grown my account to a level where I can leverage my following for branded collaboration thanks to the Magnetic Growth team! Couldn’t be happier with my results!


  • Largest online fitness boxing community

    Magnetic Growth has been instrumental in helping us establish one of the largest online fitness boxing communities in all of Canada! Highly recommend.


Instant Results.

Now you can have 24/7 automated interactions and engagements to keep your account growing even when you’re not around or asleep. Let the results speak for themselves and try us out today.

Get noticed. In Every Industry.

No matter your personal interest, business niche or industry. Magnetic Growth can give your project the boost it needs to stand out.


Our engagements provide 100% organic & genuine followers. Magnetic Growth doesn’t provide a set or specific bought amount of followers like some other websites.


You will notice results within a few hours of being setup with our service, you will notice increased activity on your page in the form of likes, new followers, traffic and potentially new customers.


With Magnetic Growth, you’ll be able to customize who you want to be targeting for specific results. Increase traffic, your way.

Why Use Us?

It's simple. We do the work for you so you can focus on more important tasks.
When browsing online, have you ever noticed that when you like or follow someone else, they sometimes come back to do the same? You’ve probably checked out a lot of strangers accounts just because they liked a photo or video you posted, or maybe just followed you.

Using the idea of human curiosity is how many accounts online get discovered with likes & followers. The problem for most people is that not everyone has the time to spend the whole day liking and following others. This is where Magnetic Growth’s service comes in.

Our Magnetic Growth service will help you by liking, following, unfollowing and even commenting on photos. To do what we do, you would need to take shifts with another person, and you would probably get bored of doing the same thing over and over. You would also lose a lot of time and you know what they say about time. Time is money.

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